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Our financial wellness solutions are tailor-made for employers, creditors, stokvels and employees.


Seed of Prosperity is a comprehensive, integrated Financial wellness firm and consultancy based in 8 Incubation Drive, Riverside Incubation Hub, Fourways. We are a 100% Black Owned, self funded company rooted on hard work, passion and a vision and mission bigger than ourselves.

Our top management consists of young, ambitious and talented people and highly experienced and qualified professionals who will stop at nothing to challenge the status quo in the quest to offering but best for partners and clients.

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For employers, financial wellness is a program or set of programs designed to improve employees’ financial behavior and outcomes while also driving business impact.

For employees, financial wellness is holistic and defined by health, not wealth. It is important to remember that the goal of financial wellness programs is to improve the overall financial health of an employee.

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Financial Psychology/ Counselling

Seed Of Prosperity are licensed professionals who offer counselling and are tasked with unearthing the emotional triggers and psychological underpinnings that can lead people to make bad money decisions.

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Financial Planning

Seed Of Prosperity helps you make sensible decisions about money that can help you achieve your goals. Having a detailed financial plan provides you with a strategy to make practical financial decisions in all aspects of your life

Our Solutions

Seed of Prosperity provide four different types of solutions to assist various stakeholders.

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To ensure stokvel members are empowered to make sound financial decisions, Seed of Prosperity has various solutions.

At Seed of Prosperity, we have solutions to help employers assist employees to return to financial wellness.

At Seed of Prosperity, our solutions for creditors seek a win-win solution for all parties.

To assist individuals to escape the debt trap, Seed of Prosperity has designed various solutions which can be customised to an individual’s needs and preferences


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What We have Achieved

Saved our clients R2, 1 million in interest savings on their debts.
Negotiated interest reductions of over 48% per consumer.
Reduced the number of debt repayment years with an average of 2 years.
Achieved return on investment beyond money for both our corporate and individual clients.
Kept over 20 of our clients’ assets, including houses and cars from being repossessed.

Our Partners

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